Being a Caregiver

The inspiration for all of Flora’s Legacy begins here …

I know first hand the troubles and stresses involved with being a caregiver.  My siblings and I had taken care of our mother when she’d been sick with a range of issues from strokes to diabetes and ultimately dementia, for five years before she’d passed away.

We had also been what I’d called, caregivers-in-training for our father. At the time, Mama had been his primary caregiver after he had several strokes which had impaired his ability to function without help.  We had aided Mama when and where we could.

And we had never … EVER … thought that we would, ourselves, end up thrust in a primary caregiver role.

I remember how difficult it had been … finding a way to balance what basically had amounted to two full time jobs — my regular job and taking care of Mama.  How to handle the stress that came along with it.  Ways to engage and help Mama and keep her as functional as possible, safe, and clean.  It had been just an incredible experience which had changed me … and my siblings … for the rest of our lives.


We hadn’t had any doubt in our minds that we were going to take care of Mama. There had been options, of course.  Some we had considered, some we hadn’t.  I actually share my family’s story in a book I wrote that could be found on the “Books” tab on this site.

It isn’t an easy choice to be a full time caregiver. However, if you choose to take on this role, you will reap many benefits.  I know for me, that it had been time with my Mama which I never would have had unless I’d been her caregiver.  And once she’d passed, I knew I would never have that time again.

I had learned things, too, like appreciating every little possible blessing.  I’d been reminded of the magic of the human spirit. And I’d learned the truest values of things like teamwork and sharing, the magic of pets, the grace of faith, and the importance of taking care of myself.

You aren’t alone, caregiver! And you are amazing!