La Familia Rodriguez

Flora’s Legacy is a place where my Latino heritage and traditions live on.  I wanted to preserve my Mama’s legacy of love, faith, music, food, and family.

My desire is to share the traditions that were passed along to her from her ancestors. I want to inspire others to keep their traditions alive for their future generations.


A place where Latino Traditions of love and family live on …

The Author:

Frances is an author, speaker, and songstress. She focuses on Latino traditions, music, faith, and the like. She has written several books to date with more on the way!

One of Frances’ passions is singing and speaking to groups about Latino music and traditions.


The Heart of our Family …


FloraThe heart and soul of every Latino family is our dearest mother.

Ask a mother what her “heart” is and she will invariably answer, “my children.”

Every tradition begins in the home and every home is blessed by the mother.

We thank the father for his wisdom, his silence, and his devotion to the family.

The father protects us and gives us strength in order to face the world.

The children carry on the family traditions and bring life to the past.

Together, the mother and father combine to teach the children the values and meanings of old while guiding them through the present and into the future.

Family is the true cornerstone of life.  Seasoned with faith, devotion, and love, the family is truly the most blessed part of the world.

— Frances C. Rodriguez

Thank you:

God, Jesus, and Mother Mary

Mama and Daddy

My sisters and brothers

In-laws and other family members

Pastors and Fathers

Friends … old and new


Flora’s Legacy was born from a promise and built on a dream!

On my Mama’s death bed, she’d asked that she never be forgotten.

At the time, I hadn’t been exactly sure what she’d meant.  But eventually, I’d come to realize that she hadn’t wanted her traditions, her faith, and her legacy lost.

Her wish has been realized in this website, in eBooks, in talks at a variety of venues, in music shared on videos and so much more.

Thank you for joining me and my family on this wonderful journey!