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Flora’s Legacy Series

The 15 Book Series

12 Books of Faith Series

Other Books

Flora’s Legacy Series

Latino MusicFlora’s Legacy: Book 1

Latino Music; The Ornament of Life in the Latino Culture   

You can purchase the e-book here from Amazon Kindle!


Remember familyFlora’s Legacy: Book 2

Honoring Our Santos; Traditions and Customs for Remembering Those Who Have Passed  

You can purchase the e-book here from Amazon Kindle


my parents had dementiaFlora’s Legacy: Book 3

My Parent had Dementia: Our Family’s Story from Pre-Illness to Heaven

As it comes on to ten years since my Mama had passed from the effects of dementia, in her honor I have completed a book about the struggles and triumphs of being a caregiver.  My family — my six siblings and I — took on the role of caregiver willingly, as many people do. There are hard times and good times, blessed times and terrifying times. It is an experience that will change you forever.

The e-book is available on kindle here!

And on epub, pdf, and more here!

tips and suggestions for a caregiverFlora’s Legacy

Taking Care of the Caregiver: Suggestions and Tips in Three Main Areas of the Caregiving Process

The companion book to help the caregiver book.

The e-book is available on Kindle here!

And on epub, pdf, and more here!

food celebrates and feels goodFlora’s Legacy: Book 4

Comida de Mi Vida – The Bread of Life: Stories and Dichos Around Food and its Traditions in Our Family!

This eBook is available on Kindle here!




Frances focuses on Latino traditions, music, and faith. She is inspired by her mother, Flora, and her family of seven brothers and sisters. She has inspired people through sharing her mother’s legacy and encourages others to share their family’s legacies.