At no point have I ever thought that I would not have wanted to be a caregiver for my mother. It gave me more time with her. She was the matriarch of our family — and we loved and respected her beyond measure.

That said, there had been some issue which have emerged later, after mama passed, which I’ve found I have needed to deal with. Two of them which have appeared so far included being a hoarder and learning to forgive myself.

I’ve actually written about these experiences in a couple of books (please click on book cover to take you to the Amazon Kindle page):

confessions of a hoarder

I lived in denial for years. I refused to look at the situation until one day, I had literally no choice.
Reality — the truth as it was in the moment, brought:

  • Embarrassment
  • Guilt
  • Anger
  • A feeling of helplessness

and so much more…
In this eBook, I share an experience years in the making — how I became and lived as a hoarder. The realization forced me to make many changes in my life.

And in this eBook, I share the journey from seeing the truth to working on and through it to self-compassion.

If you or a loved one has hoarder tendencies, this eBook may bring some light to the affliction on the path toward healing.

One of the most powerful events in my life had been being caregiver for my mother when she’d been ill. However, after she’d passed, I’d told myself that I should have done more; I’d owed it to her as my mother to have done better. And I’d held this belief for over a decade…blaming myself, living in a heavy guilt as the aftermath of loss.

Eventually, I’d started to wonder what I had been missing in my life for staying stuck in that self-created darkness. This had allowed the door to open for self-forgiveness to enter.

In this e-book, I share some of the lessons and processes I’d gone through to go from that stuck place to standing and again living my life … not just for me, but to share God’s light of who I have become with those around me! I hope it can do the same for you!