Today’s Events Will Soon be Tomorrow’s Memories

January: Time of the Year for Adapting to Change

Happy HolidaysI can’t believe that we are already two weeks into the new year of 2022. Christmas has come and gone… though doing my Christmas tree is still up and I just can’t seem to get myself to take it down.

In my family, we had always celebrated the Christmas season thru Jan 6th … with the feast of the Epiphany. One of my all-time favorite memories had been the whole family going to church and seeing the Nativity scene and hearing the sound of beautiful Christmas hymns. And with every holiday memory comes the default image of my dear mother, Flora.

Sometimes, the holidays are still hard even though my mother has been gone for many years. So when I look back on how “weird” 2021 was and saw many people lose loved ones. I felt so sad for their losses and read many beautiful sentimental thoughts from a wide range of people who took the time to send the comforting words.

And I consider how significant that gesture really is.

When I think about how the world is today … and recall Mama, even way back when, asking What is going on in the world? … with what seems to be a staunch lack of compassion for humanity – for each other, animals and the Earth … and seemingly unending chaos …

Those kind gestures shared show that the world does still care. It also shows a time when family … no matter what that concept is built of … needs to find ways to come together and help each other and keep that bond strong because too soon, it can become a memory.

In the old family days, we’d share a meal, attend church together, or maybe have a night of song! My Mama’s siblings would come to our house and they’d share homemade cinnamon and sugar cookies with a hot cup of cocoa or coffee!

I have come to realize over the decades that things change … siblings marry and have their own traditions … members pass … with technology, what was once a phone call may now be a welcomed text! Yet I still really enjoy the memories!

Sometimes, I come up with something creative to do with my family … things that don’t require apps!!

We may have a pizza night or play a board game … but the key is being present. I think the biggest challenge for me is tearing myself away from social media on my phone. But that’s the point … being present with those who are actually in my home!

Okay, so I’m a work in progress! Wish me luck!!

As I mentioned, January is the month of new beginning and new challenges.

Yes, we are constantly looking for ways to grow … whether it be that membership to the health club, being more spiritual or just taking time to literally stop and smell the roses.

The key takeaway from this post: Let your family shine and look for ways to connect. Make new memories and build new traditions.

Please feel free to share what you are inspired to do in 2022 on the Facebook page!

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