The Best Present for Mother’s Day is Your Presence

Happy Mother's DayAs Mother’s Day approaches, my thoughts are, of course, on my mother.  

Some of us still have our mothers and will be sharing the day with them …

Others of us, will be celebrating with our memories.

While I’ll be doing the latter, I will be doing so with my family; my brothers and sisters. We have part of the day set aside to visit Mama’s grave, share moments as we remembered them, and have a meal in her honor.

My Mama had always been busy with something … my younger siblings, grandkids, Daddy … problems we’d brought home for her to solve …

But I’m reminded of an elderly family friend who had shared her longing to have her children home again. They’d all grown and had families of their own and as days passed into weeks, they visits had grown farther apart. She hadn’t wanted to bother them or complain but her heart wept for the days she could hug them in person.

Sometimes life can do this … fly by until we realize, wow, where did the time go?

This is why, this Mother’s Day, I challenge everyone with a mother still with you, to be sure and make that time … not just on this day but let it be a reminder to make time … to spend time … to make your mother a part of your important items on your life’s list.

It can be as simple as picking up the phone … take her to lunch on a regular basis … show up on a weekly basis just to say Hi, get a hug, and say you love her! Presents are always appreciated but it’s pretty likely that YOUR presence would be the very best gift you could give!

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