Music is Always in Season

Music is the song of the heart.

My mother used to tell me that when I sang in church, I was praying twice!

Our family was one where music was one of the strongest hearts … along with food and faith.

At Christmas, the music – old and new – is so heartwarming!

I have my favorite old songs … some from church and some from mainstream. And there are some new ones that make my toes tap for sure! Regardless, the music around the holiday season is just one more thing I love about the time of the year.

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way! I think it’s why many radio stations start the holiday season early – though some people still say they aren’t ready. And that’s okay because I believe if you listen for just a little while, you’ll be ready sooner than you think. And that puts the season of the holidays into your spirit sooner, too!

I remember a time when I was practicing at church with my Director, father Emmit. He was actually from another country, listening to our holiday songs here, and he said to me that he thought the Christmas music was some of the most beautiful hymns! He added that he often wondered why we just didn’t sing these all year long!

I have never never forgotten that comment … and I truly agree!

When I think about a Holy Christmas hymns, the Sacred Christmas songs like Away in the Manger and  Silent Night .… especially like Silent Night … when I hear that hymn, it takes me in spirit to that very moment long ago, when Jesus was born and lying in a manger… my heart is so full of love and I can’t stop thinking about baby Jesus and his mother’s journey to Bethlehem with Joseph on a donkey …

Just amazing how a song can transport you so much!

A tradition we practiced grown up was signing up for Christmas Eve midnight mass and Christmas Day mass celebrations. It was kind of a family affair; my mom my aunt Jeannie, my uncle Richard and my sisters always volunteered to sing in the choir. We’d practiced a few weeks before then on that holy night, we had recalled the beautiful moment Jesus was born in song!

I love singing Christmas songs about Jesus and his birth our salvation, and all the wonder and awesomeness of our Savior God.

Love of Jesus and Mother Mary … love of family and tradition … love of song and faith – for me, it’s all wrapped up with a beautiful bow at holiday time!