The Legend of the Pink Cookies

Of all the aspects of celebrating the holidays, one thing is constant – memories.

How they come to us may vary … it could be in putting up the tree or a particular tradition that seems unique to your family. For me, it’s cooking – all kinds of foods!

It’s making the same recipes that my ancestors did. It’s the smells in the house of holiday foods. It’s sitting down to eat and the image of the table filled with people from old and hearing distant inaudible chatter.

It seems that Christmas brings this more than any other time.

I’ve become the maker of the pink cookies – kind of the designated cook every year of these delightful edibles.

Originally introduced to us kids by our aunt, Jeannie, they live on in our household and as welcome gifts.

In fact, I wrote this blog post after sitting down with my brother and having a few from a new batch. They sent us reeling back to a place of simpler times – when we were kids with no worries … or bills!

Already this year, I’ve made them as a summer celebration treat and twice near Christmas time for family, neighbors and to hand out at my sister’s workplace.

Like I said, it’s an annual thing for virtually any reason – or to have for no particular reason at all!

Every time I make them, I am transported to times when I’d watch my aunt make them. I look upon the memories with a modern understanding though of how the ingredient not on the recipe card is the most delicious of all – love! She truly loved baking them for us all!

It gave her such pride to see our reactions of voraciously devouring them, smiling and laughing in joy as we did, and our excitement at seeing a new batch!

My cookies taste pretty much as my aunt’s did … but sometimes, I add things like chocolate chips – which seems just as popular! And the term “pink” cookies were also something I’d done; added cherry juice to the batter when the batter was too dry, which turned them pink.

If you’re interested in the recipe, I did put it in my Comida de mi Vida eBook on Amazon! The eBook talks more about my mother’s cooking as well!

They are easy to make and won’t disappoint!!

Also, you can get a free copy of the recipe on my website,

Happy Holidays one and all!

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