Happy Anniversary Mama and Daddy!

Today, January 7th, is very special and sacred day for my family. It marks the wedding anniversary of our parents.

Although they are no longer with us here on earth, we often think about them every day.

I love hearing stories about the wedding day – the ceremony, the traditions observed by them and their guests on that day. Back then, it was a full day event! It started with breakfast … and ended with an incredible party; remembered by some for years after!

There was good food, dancing, and fun had by all in celebration of my parents’ union.

When I think about them, I consider how they, for me, were such an example of faith and family. They were devoted Catholics; putting God and Mother Mary first with our family blessed under the same umbrella.

They showed us what love, sharing, commitment, and compassion were through their daily actions. They epitomized, to me, what the unity under God truly meant. They lived, walked, and breathed the talk of faith and family so much that even decades later, we remember them so fondly!

My parents both got to meet some or all of their grandchildren before their passing. Now, they have a great-grandchild who will eventually hear stories about the union of these special people.

Today, on their anniversary, we give thanks to them for being our parents, for giving us the foundation of strength in faith and family to carry forward.

We love and miss you, Mama and Daddy! Happy Anniversary!