Changes in Me can Reflect how I See the World

be happyIn the spirit of January and change, I want to share a few “-isms” that may help to make this a magnificent year!

I added some of these just this last year … as they came to me through inspiration!

For instance, this first one … someone suggested I listen to this lady and found some videos on YouTube. I was touched immediately by what she shared!

Her name is Marisa Peer and she shares that: I Am Enough!

Think about this for a second. Everything we go through daily is about others, say, talking down to us and we internalize it instead of saying to ourselves: I Am Enough! Or we are hooked on our past and what others did or didn’t do instead of being present and telling ourselves: I Am Enough!

It is amazingly powerful and it really influenced me! I have these words written on my walls around the house!

(Here are some links to her YouTube videos if you want to hear more on this awesome concept!

I Am Enough YouTube video

I Am Enough Guided Meditation YouTube Video

Here is another idea that has inspired me: Being in the Now.

Remember that book, written back in 2004 or so, by Eckhart Tolle called The Power of Now? Honestly, I didn’t really ever think about the Now as being powerful. But then, I started to see the value . For me, anyway, it helped to not live in a past that wasn’t there anymore and a future that hadn’t happened yet.

What I found for me was that I used the past to make myself feel bad or justify some inadequacy in myself or the like. And the future…well, I thought I wanted it to be X or Y and when I didn’t get it, thought God hated me or I wasn’t worth it.

Truth is … I have no clue what is best for me. But God does! God created me and God knows what’s best for me. Being in the Now allows me to let go to God to bring to me what I need … and not try to control things I think I need.

It hasn’t worked very well … ever … so …

Kind of piggy-backing on this last point is another idea that I’ve been working to focus on which is the idea that what people say and what I hear are often so different. I can only hear what I can “understand” in my own world and that can be so different from what someone else is actually saying.

This can contribute to so many misunderstandings and disagreements. It’s been an interesting journey on this one because so many times, I find that others don’t quite see this anomaly yet. And that’s okay because it challenges me to be a bit more patient and a lot less judgmental!

I realized through just these few tools that it really is about me. If I feel good about me then the world seems to be a better place. If I feel bad about me, then the world seems hostile.

Honestly … I personally prefer a happier world!

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