Time has Come for a New Family Member …

This was a post from my old site called Dementia Dogs and later, My Dog has Dementia from April 1, 2017

time to adopt

Being a dog lover like I am, I knew there would come a time. I just didn’t know when.

As it happened, about eight months after I’d lost my faithful companion, another dog came into my life. It had been a fluke really, which is often times the way it works.  A friend’s daughter had a dog which accidentally had gotten pregnant. And she’d had four puppies.

Something tugged at me in my heart. I’d seen their little guinea pig like bodies in a small curled up pile on a blanket on Facebook. There’d been three striped ones and a light colored one. My eyes had locked-on to that lighter one and I immediately – even without thought – sent a message that I’d like to adopt that puppy.

I’d been elated when my request had been answered: “It’s yours.”

I waited for what seemed like forever but had appreciated that the owner of the mother hadn’t wanted to give away the puppies until they had been weaned from their mother. I’d been impatient though the owner had let me come and see the puppy a couple of times.

Finally, it was time to pick her up and bring her home!

She’s been a blessing to our family. She didn’t replace my baby, Cinder, but she brought her own sunshine to the home!

Her playfulness, watching her grow into her face and body from a lump of fluff, and her loving personality just makes me grateful, daily, that she is with our family!

Thing is, it took awhile to grieve my dog, Cindy. And I allowed it because I wasn’t trying to “replace” Cindy at all.  But it was time, the opportunity appeared, and I took it! I’m so thankful I did!

There may come a time after you lose your pet when you feel a tug to get another pet. There are so many who need forever homes and love! When you are ready, I hope you can fill your life and another pet’s life with that wonderful light that pets bring!

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