Who Says Pets Don’t Have Personalities?

Faithful friendWho says animals don’t have personalities, eh?

And, consider that if they have personalities, they likely have a soul.

I know from my experiences with pets, that every one of them has their own little personalities be it quirky, funny, expressive, mellow, or hyper!

Cindy had been a bit of a bully to her brother; her brother having been just a calm, relaxed version of Cindy.  It was bizarre how some animals just didn’t want company.  Cindy and her brother had been together since they’d been litter mates but when Cindy got older, she wanted nothing at all to do with her brother.

Sammy had been so sweet and had just let his sister do whatever she’d needed to do.  But eventually, I’d given Sammy to my brother and it had been a good fit.  Sammy had still remained mellow but my brother had been so happy to have a dog!

But Cindy had been a very good protector.  She’d had a good sense about people.

If she didn’t like someone, she barked and growled and it had been so intense that people said they’d had chills.  Other times, someone could stand right next to her kennel and not even know she’d been there because she watched but hadn’t made a sound.

I think Sammy would have been like one of those older gentlemen who sat on the front porch in a rocking chair, puffing on a pipe, just listening to the wind in the grass for hours.

Cindy … she’d been like a Marine; battling through the jungles on a quest of keeping the others in the platoon, safe.  Really, I could say she epitomized Semper Fidelis.

She’d been a great watchdog and amazing friend!

Song of The Colors – Song of Faith

There are songs which can touch the very heart of the inner spirit; music which inspires faith in all stages of a spiritual life. For me, this song came from the appreciation and motivation of its meaning as described to me by my mother, Doña Flora.

De Colores is a powerful tune which is said to be of unknown origin. It translates in English to: The Colors. There have been a few references that suggested the song came from Spain as early as the 16th century. Who had written it and the inspiration behind the words remains unknown. Too, it hadn’t been attached to any particular sect or denomination. Never the less, for my mother, the song had always been powerful and divine.

This beautiful hymn speaks to the blending of colors… combining the hues of the rainbow with the vastness of the fields and the brilliance of the majestic sun with the singing of the birds. It combines all that is in the world under one grand halo formed by the Creator. I personally appreciate the brilliant message of spreading light, celestial grace, and combining all shades of color unto the earth as one, created out of the infinite love of the divine. And I had learned to appreciate the song through the use of it in church.

Doña Flora had been a member of the Cursillos in Christianity Movement in our church. She’d been an active leader in the group, often participating in the three day retreats. On the retreats, people would pray, sing, study, and speak on spiritual topics. At the end of the three days, there would be a send-off of the participants as they prepared to return to the community. The celebrations had included a Eucharistic celebration, testimonials, inspirational music, and food. This is where my mother had first heard the beautiful song.

The song, De Colores, has been used in many ceremonies. It’s a song that my mother had often said connected her to the Earth and Heaven. It empowers and binds people together for a higher good.

You can listen to my version here:


My mother had often enjoyed singing it over the Cursillo weekend. De Colores has also been associated with farm workers; with the union members singing the powerful song during rallies. With its upbeat tune and uplifting message, it had been a way of empowering and uniting the union members with the earthly land they loved and worked.

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