Preparing for the New Year

It’s that time again … New Year’s Eve!

It’s the time to reflect on the past year and to consider how many of our resolutions actually came to fruition.

Okay, well, for me, none but a lot of changes did come in 2023.

To be honest, 2023 was the year I thought would never end!

So often, I’ve looked back on the years and thought, Wow, that one went fast.

Still, every year does offer some constants – time passes, we get older, but also, there are events in the world and people passing. There are social issues everywhere and people struggling. There are issues with the planet and the animals and on and on.

Thing is, there always have been but here’s the thing I had to come to terms with:

I can stay down, buried under the distress of the world … which basically adds my energy to the masses or …

I can reach up to the light of Jesus and Mother Mary and fill my heart with their love!

Why would I do this?

Because while I can’t necessarily change everything in the world, I can lift the world up with the love that is brought through me – and join it with the love of others doing the same.

By doing this, we are boosting the energy and vibration of the world up which helps in ways we can never realize!

It isn’t necessarily our place to “fix” the world. What we do is remain open to the love of Jesus and Mother Mary to work through us and show us ways to help. We don’t have to know what that is but to just be open to what we are given and then we will be shown a way.

For me, it often comes by feeling inspired and just may come out of seemingly nowhere.

But I know that it starts with standing in love.

So this is to be my resolution for 2024 and beyond. This will be a resolution I can gladly keep!

Happy New Year, Everyone!